Kouzou Shibataka

2018.3.6 (Tue.) - 25 (Sun.)

芝高康造 銅版画展

3月6日(火) – 25日(日)

3月は、芝高康造 ボッティチェリによる銅版画展を開催いたします。


“Kozo Sibataka copper engraving show"
“Nascila di Venere” “La Primavera” inspired of his seriese "Copper engraving by Botticeli" with burin, drypoint, mezzotint and etching. People who knows his past works with the infinite rhythm and the tension caused from having removrd unneccesary lines would be welcome with surprise and admiration when they see this recent seriese with many printing plates of the former works used and piled.

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