松山 修平 展
Shuhei Matsuyama「SHIN -ON 2017」

7月11日(火) – 7月30日(日)

今回は 218 x 280cm の越前和紙に5人がかりで支え刷り上げた22版の大型新作版画を発表
Shuhei MATSUYAMA solo-show “Shin-on 2017” has started.
The main work of calcographie on 218 x 280cm Echizen Japanese hand made paper is worth seeing !

FERRARA(伊)現代美術館の個展、Wall Street Journal紙本社ビル(米NY)18mの作品、タイムトンネルゲーツ(博多)5mの柱のオブジェ、Fourseasons Hotel(サウジアラビア)、VIMERCATE(伊)総合病院の霊安室・葬儀場壁面大阪フェスティバルタワー内レストラン”アラスカ”エントランスの大円形作品等、音の視覚表現であり、絵画に成る音、自然・宇宙・人間の心奥を追求した、精神性の高い心象風景「SHIN-ON」をテーマに制作発表

Shuhei Matsuyama was born in Tokyo in 1955. After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown, he moved to Italy where he attended the Academy of Fine art in Perugia. In 1991 he moved to Milan and began an intense exhibiting activity that took his work around the world, from Venice to Tokyo, from San Francisco to New York.
Most notable are the 5 major SHIN-ON exhibitions held in Venice over 10 years each in coincidence to the Venice Biennale. In France his works have been used for the cover of the annual program of the Conservatoire de Paris. He has also been involved in numerous public space projects. He has been responsible for the production of a 5m-column sculpture in Hakata, Japan, a mosaic fountain in Rieti, Italy, and for the artworks used for the president suit room in the Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia, in addition to other projects in prestigious offices, hospitals, hotels, apartments and restaurants.<